Where did you get that?

Young people like to mix match, to have fun with clothes, they don’t take what’s on the runways too seriously and the runway steals from them, from their fresh brave intuitions and daily experimentations. Following the example of groundbreaking blogs like The Sartorialist, now recognized as one of the most influential voices in fashion, Lookbook.nu stands as a social experiment and a fashion oriented social network that builds a never ending daily updated streetstyle library. You can upload your looks, specify details about the single pieces, get “hyped” by other users and browse other people’s looks by location, brand names and items. Our favourite shots are usually the ones that result to be effortless and truly spontaneous and it’s fun to see how young people like to dress all around the world being part of a big globalized community yet embracing their local cultures. We believe that is this continous never ending exchange between the “headquarters” and the street that keeps fashion exciting and the big dream alive.



One response to “Where did you get that?

  1. Love these pics. The second & last are my favourite. Cute blog x

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