Bringing Cacharel back

When i was a young girl my mum, who has an eye for quality and learned how to saw at a local tailor that now, at the age of 85, still makes custom dresses for her and my aunt, used to shop for me for cute skirts and adorable dresses in some good stores in Rome. We’re just a very common middle class family that always try to save money and never really got in the trap of luxurious purchases but she believed that you should never save too much when it comes to culture and fashion because in the end, you always get what you pay for. Being always up for investment purchases, she had and still has a genuine love for Cacharel clothing (and im sure she keeps those dresses in a closet even if no one will ever use them again). For some reason all the Cacharel stores in Rome in the last few years shut down (the last thing i was able to buy was a super simple black tee that i wore a thousand time until it almost -almost -fell apart) and maybe you can still find some single pieces here and there at La Rinascente, let’s say, the italian Nordstrom. I’ve always been close to be a tomboy in my life but till the age of 10 i had few of these cute Cacharel dresses with some of the most adorable floral patterns i ever seen and that now that i’m 26, i would still totally wear. I try to look for the same level of provençal cuteness and french light sophistication at Anthropologie but i have to admit that only sometimes i am satisfied with it (even though the 3/4 sleeves mixed angora+cashmere cardigan by Guinevere embroidered with small birds flying all around i spotted before xmas was totally up for the challenge). Ok, so…all this cuz today i’m totally in love with some super sunny pieces from the s/s 2009 Cacharel collection. Too bad that outside it’s still too chilly eh?…pff.



Pic.1: Cacharel s/s 2009 collection

Pic.2: Spring-summer statement necklaces available at Anthropologie.


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