From the project to the runway

Top Bravo tv show Project Runway season 5 winner Leanne Marshall (aka Leanimal) rocked that last runway during the New York Fashion Show at Bryant Park and even though her other two competitors were strongly fashion opinionated, it was right in front of everyone’s eyes that – to use Tyra Bank’s words – she had what it takes to: be noticed, be new and different, to make it to the top. To confirm that yes, sometimes, talent show can really do what their names are claiming, in this case “show some real talent”. I did fell in love with her ethereal color fabric choices (half of them are eco-friendly ones) and the strongly wave and petal-like architectural designs and i kept checking her website and her old Etsy page for updates and the new collection details. Her brand new website is now up, with the infamous PR collection (that unfortunately won’t be up for sale) inspired by the Portland waterfront and the movements and the shades of the northwest water and the previous 2008 winter and spring ones. So far some of her pieces are available in few stores in the Portland Oregon area that carry indipendent new designers but there’s an onlinestore ready for all her desiderable pieces to come. Images: Leanimal




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