We were warriors

On the latest fashion week’s catwalks, british enfant prodige-terrible Gareth Pugh seemed to have tuned town his scary science fiction-mechanical flavors keeping his new collection slightly softer but still theatrical and strongly historical. Pugh’s work, which has been often criticized for his total lack of commercial potential and for the way he can’t really be categorized of any real-world fashion trend, is now populated by gothic, architectural space creatures that have travel back in time turning into Elizabethan fearless warriors. The highly structured garments find their uniqueness in the bold opposition of pure virginal white fronts and deep ink black backs, layered armour-like exaggerated shoulders that resembles the sharp shields of mutated animals, the big pleated skirts, the concertina collars and the icy make-up of a this army of angels falling into the darkness. For a new celebration of the struggle between lightness and darkness that has always been the trademark of his brave work. Images: New York Times / Bottom left: Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth (1998)



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