Their own private

While Christan Lacroix’ parisienne 2,150 square foot, 4 bedrooms apartment (top 2 images) in the Marais district (the fully fournished french couturiere’s house clearly reflects his colorful and theatrical style with an historical twist) is for sale listed on the market for €2,000,000, Christie’s Paris is auctioning till February 25th the legendary Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge’s art collection to support the war against Aids. The famous collections features 700 pieces by some of the greatest artist the world ever knew: Picasso, Ingres, Matisse, Gaugin, Much, Klee, Duchamp and Cezanne among others. Berge’ is keeping for himself the first art piece they ever bought togheter and the Andy Warhol’s portrait of his beloved Yves Saint Laurent. Images: Christie’s Auctions Flickr






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