Sign of the times

Stephen Sprouse was  like magma. A typical son of the 80’s, was one of the first charismatic figure of the New York scene to mix pop, graffiti art and punk attitude and aesthetic in fashion rewriting the common codes. He was one of the first to build on the influence of Andy Warhol to create a fusion of art, music and fashion. After the premature death in 2004 at the age of 50, collaborative artists, family and friends join their forces to pay their tribute to his visionary world with a book and a retrospective exhibition, ” Rock on Mars” at the Deitch Gallery in New York City that’s a realization of Sprouse’s rock and roll futuristic vision. The Stephen Sprouse book published by Rizzoli, also available with a limited edition Louis Vuittion graffiti cover, features contributions and interviews with Iggy Pop, Debby Harry, Kate Moss and fashion designers Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs among others. And it’s the same Marc Jacobs under whose art direction in 2001 Sprouse defaced the Louis Vuittion logo on handbags and trunks, that in conjunction with the exhibition project has created a new collection for Louis Vuitton named The Stephen Sprouse Capsule Collection which sees the artist’s recurrent elements: the unmistakable neon graffiti, the punk rose and the hotpink/acid green/bright yellow color palette. For more informations visit: We Love Stephen Sprouse



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