Of crocs and metal

From Laura B‘s site: Laura Bortolami was born in Rome in 1962. Her father is Italian and her mother is Dutch – Indonesian. She studied university at the “École de Traduction et Interpretation”, Geneve, Switzerland,  a course specialising in economy and law. A chance encounter with Caterina Salvador, Armani’s primary assistant, led her to change direction completely and dedicate herself to fashion.
Laura began working as a freelance commercial for Giorgio Armani in Milan in the Eighties. Then Gianni Versace, Anna Molinari, and almost ten years for Dolce & Gabbana. The experience of working with some of the best designers in the world prepared Laura for her future enterprise.

In the early Nineties, while living in Avignon, South of France, after designing a small collection of bags, hats and scarfs created from original 1920’s pieces, Laura applied the same passion for the aesthetics from the beginning of the century to jewellery. A mix of ‘brocantes’ vintage pieces ran perfectly with the 1970’s revival taking place at this time. Since each piece was unique, so was born the ‘Laura B Collection Particulière’. Right from the beginning the collection attracted a very select market. In 1995, Laura moved to Barcelona where she continued to work for Dolce & Gabbana. Laura B grew with new international clients and the acknowledgement of press. In 1999 she left Dolce & Gabbana to dedicate herself to her own collection. Today Laura B includes not only jewellery, but also belts and bags.
For most of the collection, both for men and for women, the labels signature material is metallic chain mail. This is always used in conjunction with other materials such as silver, stones, leather, chains, crocodile skin, etc.
One can find Laura B in the best showcases in the world such as Dieci Corso Como in Milan, Barney’s in Tokyo and New York, L’Eclaireur in Paris, Brown’s and Liberty’s in London, and Maxfield in Los Angeles.



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