Recession hits. Slow fashion follows.

When recession and bad economy hit, we tend to feel the need of either keep most of our loved pieces or invest in new timeless, luxurious ones that could last forever, iconic items that go beyond the everlasting changes that fashion carries with itself as part of its own essence. Just like slow food is about love and ingredients of top quality, slow fashion is about exquisite workmanship, classic styles, investment, details, good design and wise use of money. But it’s also private luxury, by which we mean the extra special value, that is only personal, that a garment or an accessory gains when we fill it with memories, when it belonged to someone or to a family tradition etc. What investment pieces did you put your eyes on? What would you keep that is now part of your wardrobe if you had to let everything else go? What brands do you think deserve to make it to the “slow fashion”empyrean?

” I think the world ‘luxury’ has been overused to mean expensiveness. Real luxury is personal”. Silvia Fendi, W Magazine, March 2009


One response to “Recession hits. Slow fashion follows.

  1. hello. i really love this post and mentioned it in my blog
    hope you don’t mind. i thought your words were extremely timely, thoughtful and concise.
    all the best,
    caroline priebe

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