Style Icons: Jennifer Herrema


Its not new to the people that know me well the fact that I used to be (and I still am after all) probably one of the biggest Royal Trux fan in Italy ever. The one that you can actually call “a completist”. As a teenager it’s easy to get really into someone or something and I was really into Royal Trux. Probably one of the most underestimated American bands ever, Royal Trux split around 2000 and I was lucky to have my dad drive me and two other girlfriends to their last Italian show ever in Rome in December 1999 at Brancaleone Club. It would take too long to describe here their music, their imaginary, the world they depicted and the fact that their records could be perceived as an acid milkshake of any music genre ever conceived but I have to admit that my obsession didn’t come only from the appreciation for their music and amazing songwriting but, also from their style and their aesthetic which was original yet so radically American to be exotic: tight jeans covered with iconic American patches, eagles and duck tape, oversized fur coats and animal pelts, snake boots, washed out rock’n’roll tees, Mexican ponchos and customized items and metal jewelery made Jennifer Herrema a strong fashion icon of the independent rock scene in her own special way. Feminine yet androgynous in a ’70s glam way. Roger De Forest, a guy from Fresno California shared with me – separated by nearly 15 thousand kilometers and a ocean- this obsession for the Trux so I started to be a contributor for his website (originally with pictures, drawings and anything else possible and one day he sent me a package with any obscure single, b-sides, ultra rare release and bootlegs as a fan I couldn’t miss. I kinda put on a side my love for the Trux during the last years after their split. Hagerty went solo, former heroin-chic model Herrema plays in the band RTX (she wanted to keep the original Royal Trux contraction), the first developing a sort of experimental ’60s inspiredfolk with his side band the Howling Hex, the second keeping some of the original Trux’ sound references and pushing even forward the old school hardrock flavors of the band with raw and anti-glamour shows in smokey clubs. Few days ago a friend of mine asked me some “style advices” on Jennifer Herrema and searching some references on the internet I felt that Herrema is making a come back not only as a musician but especially as a indie fashion icon. That someone is actually talking about her. Until today when I got a Urban Outfitters newsletter claiming “Jennifer Herrema of RTX. Read her interview and shop her style.” That’s it. She’s back. UO presents a Mike Piscitelli’s photoshoot featuring Herrema on a cruise on the Pacific Coast highway. And her style is frozen in time. A grunge femal version of Axl Rose as someone wanted to see her. If you really wanna catch the essence of her vision I suggest to go beyond UO and get the full Royal Trux collection. If that’s not possible Veterans of Disorder and Accelerator will do the work. Like, a great one.

it’s in your blood, it’s in your brain, drive them all insane…..

To come: my own “Jennifer Herrema – Get the look


Images: Mike Piscitelli for UO, RTX shot by me at Comet Tavern Seattle, #3 via, #4 via theglamourai, Royal Trux promo image for the album Thank You, 1995


5 responses to “Style Icons: Jennifer Herrema

  1. beh che dire se non che avevo l’intuizione che questo stile accattivantissimo di miss jennifer sarebbe stato il must della prossima primavera-estate…?!?! ahhh..scherzi a parte..quanto è bella..e quanto mi piace come si addobba…se non altro con quegli stivali chissà quanto si suderà a sti sono le copie da Pimkie…che non saranno proprio di sono troppo country-rock e fanno tendenza ora come ora..:D grazie per l’articolo mj..u always rock…:****

  2. great post! check out my blog, I’ve started scanning my own Royal Trux archive…

  3. right on post
    jj’s back for lethal battle

  4. Sunny Balfour


  5. Interesting how some media still pay homage to certain individuals … and deservedly so.; but what are their intentions?
    If you have time, check the following:

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