Time Warp: Make Up

Today like almost 30 years ago. Red lipsticks, pink blushes, oranges and peaches for a soft disco look. Images: Gia Carangi on the cover of Vogue, 1980/ “’80 Remix”, Flair Italia, March 2009 (Alberta Pianon/Jem Mitchell)



6 responses to “Time Warp: Make Up

  1. It’s a dam shame. She was gorgeous. I bet she was a fun to be around kind of girl

  2. she was really beautiful. did u watch the movie starring Angelina Jolie?

  3. Oh, yes I did. In fact I own it. Truth be told, I think if she was alive today, she would be very famos cause she was the worlds first super model. I just had to see the real Gia.

  4. I DO think that GIA is the first Supermodel ever 2 grace the fashion industry. Janice Dickenson sez shes the 1st, but you would need a story like Gias’ to hold that title. Thumbs up 2 ya gia

  5. Gia, wow now she just blows my mind. Her tragic life and death, just leaves me in awh. And in her short 26 years of life, all she did was be a bad ass, and blow everyones minds with her unbeliveable beauty. And although dead, she still continues to.

  6. Gia is beautiful…. I wish I am going out with her!

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