Style Icons: Roisin Murphy


Roisin Murphy, former lead singer of British experimental post-disco band Moloko, is one of the most influencial style icon of our times and one of the most fashion-savvy of all. We saw the impressive looks she pull out during the last fashion weeks runway shows. Named one of the 30 most stilish british women among “The Mavericks” (Yes, they take dressing up very seriously, but there’s oodles of wit and intelligence in the Maverick’s wardrobe. Never afraid to take a risk, icons such as Westwood and Murphy (Irish born but resident Brit) merrily tear up all the rules – of age, appropriateness and accepted notions of beauty – to DO FASHION THEIR WAY – cit. togheter with Vivienne Westwood and Tilda Swinton, there’s no doubt that she carries the experimental attitude of her music on her own body like no other.



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