Agenda: Mandy Greer. Dare alla Luce


chandelier-detail dare-catalogue2

Translated from Italian, dare alla luce is an idiomatic expression for giving birth: “to give to the light.” Drawing upon late Renaissance artist Jacopo Tintoretto’s painting The Origin of the Milky Way for inspiration, Greer recounts her own version of the Roman myth in which the milk of Juno’s breast rose to the sky to create the galaxy. Through countless small gestures of her craft, Greer employs humble handicraft processes and materials, executing her work through crochet, braiding, sewing and beading processes that use yarn, beads, shells, feathers and more. Merging the mythical and the mundane, Greer collapses the language and materials of the ordinary with the spectacular and the epic. The resulting work intertwines objects and space, resulting in an exuberant, sensual and visceral installation. Organized and commissioned by Bellevue Arts Museum and curated by Stefano Catalani, Mandy Greer: Dare alla Luce is accompanied by an exhibition catalogue produced by Bellevue Arts Museum. The catalog will be available for purchase in The Gallery January 2009

January 22 – May 31, 2009 at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland OR. More infos / Images: Mandy Greer


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