Spotlight: Stephanie Simek


Single Eyelash Necklace
Sweet little sleeping eye… A necklace that softly floats around your neck and does your dreaming for you. Sterling Silver necklace is approximately 20 inches including clasp. Eyelashes are made of 100% human hair.


Milk & Honey Necklace
Milk and honey, an indubitable pair. A golden honeycomb beeswax pendant encased in plastic hangs from an oxidized sterling silver chain. The links are interwoven with a milk protein-based fiber. Pendant measures 3.75 by 1.4 inches. This necklace is approximately 18 inches long.


Gold-lined Quail Egg Necklace
Lined with 23k Gold Leaf, this speckled quail egg necklace casts a warm glow from within. Pendant hangs from 18 inch 14 karat gold chain. Made from actual Japanese Quail eggs, they vary slightly in color and size – approximately 1 inch. The entire shell has been coated in plastic for strength.

For more projects and to purchase: / As seen at Reading Frenzy, Portland Oregon


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