Spotlight: Pinkyotto

Determined to offer a line that is different from the current market, creative director Ryo Liu’s vision is to create fashion that is fun and exquisite but yet still approachable affordable, and functional. In September of 2005, Ryo Liu, along with partner Peter Hsia, launched the first collection and opened up their first Pinkyotto retail boutique in the East Village in New York City. Pinkyotto caters to girly-girl individualists who are unafraid of the latest trends but want versatility from their special pieces. The design of Pinkyotto team focuses on unusual detailing and marrying designs with the textiles to work as foils for each other, but always with the female sihouette in mind. Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Swank, and Parker Posey are all fans of Pinkyotto’s fun and sophisticated prints, faboulous sense of color and feminine design.

Images: Pinkyotto at 49 Prince St, New York, NY 10012 | (212)226-3580204 | Online Store



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