On Gar-De!

GAR—DE is a New York design collective united by a desire to reinvent high-quality materials into innovative designs. Formed in 2007, the founding members of GAR—DE are a group of young designers, artists, and producers who find inspiration in their urban terrain. Their shared appreciation of streamlined aesthetics, the cultural complexity of their surroundings, and a distinctive sense of humor influences the collective’s innovative work. GAR—DE launched its Fall 2008 debut collection with a small but focused leather collection. Each season, GAR—DE intends to introduce new products appealing to those with a discerning eye while simultaneously referencing past themes and building upon previous seasons’ materials. GAR—DE anticipates working with specialized artisans from around the globe for each collection to promote local product development and sourcing, while also refreshing traditional elements of fabrication and construction.


The collection: Spring/Summer 2009 | Leather

GAR-DE’s spring 2009 collection offers soft knit undergarments and beautifully finely crafted leather jackets inspired by motor scooters as an alternative to the motorbikes of yersterday.  “We see the scooter as a more urban alternative to the motorcycles of yesterday. The jackets or  ‘shells’ take their cue from vintage motor scooters, in particular the vintage Vespa motor scooter. Through bold coloring, metal detailing and streamlined styling we treated each jacket as if it where a new scooter model – each complete with its own personality.”

All contents and images GAR-DE


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