Smells like Le Labo


Wallpaper design award 2007 winner Le Labo, founded by Eddie Roshi and Fabrice Penot, is an innovative and high-end Perfume Boutique located in New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles with corners in London, Paris, Berlin, Dallas, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Hand-made in their own labs from quality natural oils, the 18 Le Labo fragrances (some of them like the Vanilla 44 for Paris, are exclusives for specific cities) are formulated-to-order which means that every single one is bottled only when you buy one; the oils and the alcool are kept separeted until the time of the order when the bottle is sticked with a label that carries your name and gets handed or shipped to you. The Le Labo packaging and boutique design embraces a vintage looking old school chemistry cabinet aesthetic (in the image, the Tokyo store) while the company’s philosophy and approach to the market of the most ephemeral product of all try to change the mass productive perfume luxury culture from the inside with a special eye for green issues since each Le Labo bottle can be easily refilled in-store. You can join the “sampling program” purchasing a Discovery Set of 3 different sampling glass sprays or choose your own fragrance from the e-store. ~M



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