Spotlight: Ingrid Baars



At first sight one would be tempted to categorize the images of IB under the heading of mere photography. Photography actually makes up only a part of IB’s ‘mixed-media technique’ . The computer has a leading role. It’s here that she combines the results of her photo-shoots. She drastically manipulates and reworks the material until a final image is created, built up by numerous different elements, even traces of her oil paintings.
For the last 7 years IB has been showing her work in different Galleries. She shows her artwork as well as images published as illustrations or selected by IB out of fashion-stories created for magazines.

With the attitude of a contemporary Picasso playing with fragments of the memories of an image, Baars’ art looks like a glamorous but still slightly disturbing version of Francis Bacon’s. View more work | Purchase the book


One response to “Spotlight: Ingrid Baars

  1. Whatever you call it, it’s hot.

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