Spotlight: Anti Sweden



Fighting the established jeans brands like Acne, cheap Monday from our neighbors in Sweden we now introduce a label based on the Norwegian cultural history on black Metal. The line is a co-lab with the San Diego based artist Justin Bartlett, famous for his occult and obsessive art. Norwegians always like to challenge their slightly larger and moderately happier neighbors, Sweden, who are renowned for their many famous denim brands (Acne, Cheap Monday, among others). Anti Sweden stands as a declaration of war! With their own truly Norwegian denim brand Anti Sweden is  taking the fight to the Swedes in the true spirit of the friendly rivalry that has long existed between the two lands.


Norwegians and Swedes are Scandinavian minimalists but at the very heart of the Anti Sweden brand is the Norwegian culture of darkness, which has also given rise to the True Norwegian Black scene. Indeed, one of Anti Sweden designers is a member of such a band. Living near the top of the world, darkness is inescapable – its everywhere. It manifests in our natures, our culture, our art and our music – its essential to who Norwegians are. Anti Sweden is yet another pure manifestation. Norway – this land of eternal midnight and of the darkest of Black Metal is our inspiration for the first line of Black Denim Jeans. Anti Sweden is Norwegian Black metal going fashion. Anti Sweden´s signature is the True Black Jeans – as black as the northern nights. Printed in the pocket-lining of the first edition line you’ll find selected illustrations from the dark imagination of gore artist Justin Bartlett who through his experience of working with Norwegian bands such as Gorgoroth.



All photos are made by NY based photographer Alex Freund. The name of the line? It’s of-course 666. View the whole collection and get more infos at ANTI SWEDEN.

Anti Sweden is a side project of the Oslo based multi-disciplinary design studio Anti Design that works with brand identity, art direction, packaging, print, illustration and interactive design.~M.


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