Inspiration: FuturModa


This month’s YOOXCOVER realized by Alberto Biagetti, it’s inspired by the constructed geometries and the cocooning shapes of futurist’s sculptures. The enlightened colors and the sharp cuts of the cover-dress suggest new style inputs, between art and couture that continue to best embody the “avant-garde” mindset.

Thanks to Futurism, we now take for granted the ability to “break the rules” established by classical art and academia, these artists also explored all the fields of art, including fashion, designing sketches and fashion collections. During the 30’s Thayaht, an Italian futurist’s painter transformed himself into a designer, working for famous fashion house Madeleine Vionnet, also lauching the first overalls prototype, that nowadays designers such as Antonio Marras made it become a best seller in his collection. Designers of our times owe a lot to art, Laura Biagiotti invented a collection named LaurArt in year 2007, to tribute her collections of futurist’s art paintings. The new names of fashion like Nicolas Guesquière for Balenciaga, the young talent Gareth Pugh, or the established Consuelo Castiglioni for Marni, put the dynamism of the futurist art into fashion, with structural outfits and vibrant colors.

Today’s fashion carries the echoes of these ideas, conceived a century ago, and continues to reverberate with bright color palettes, sculptural shapes, and the provocative courage to push boundaries. The New Yooxer gives homage to this celebration with an editorial photoshoot, to dress with art, interpreting the concept of a new ‘wearable art’.


View the entire Futurism Selection at Yoox

miumiu_shoesBoccioni - Forme uniche della continuita' nello spazio (Milano)

Left: Miu Miu, 2008 / Right: Umberto Boccioni, Forme uniche della continuita’ nello spazio, 1913


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