7 responses to “Animal Logos

  1. I collect strictly collect Polo’s with Animal’s on them. So far I have. Roots (beaver), Hummel (Bumble Bee), LRG (Giraffe), Abercrombie (Moose), Burberry (Knight on Horse), Scifen (Elephant), Penguin (Penguin), Enjoi (Panda), Buffalo (Buffalo), Hollister (Seagull), Lion (lion), American Eagle (Eagle), Retro Fox (fox), Le Tigre (Tigre), Lacoste (Alligator), Raulph Lauren (Polo Rider with his Horse) Company 81 (Phoenix Bird) I am cuurently looking for collectibles such as Frank Fuller Classic (Ostrich), Vineyard Vines (Sperm Whale), Marc Ecko (Rhino)

  2. Brooks Brothers (Golden Fleece)

  3. Puma(puma)

  4. Paul Frank – monkey
    Le Coq Sportif – cock
    Juicy Couture – dog
    Tiger of Sweden – tiger
    Peter Jensen – rabbit

  5. Does anyone know the brand name that uses an Anteater as their logo?

  6. jack wills (duck)
    Ruehl no.925 (bulldog)
    Joules (rabbit)

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