Garden & Cosmos


The exhibition “Garden & Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodphur” closed at SAAM in Seattle last April 26th. I was lucky to finally make up my mind and go see it in its last day. I was totally amazed and delighted by the highly refined taste of the whole collection of paintings flourished in the royal court of Rajasthan between 17th and 19th century. Visitors were provided with magnify lenses to enjoy all the details of these monumental naturalistic and whimsical scenes populated with peacocks, big pigeons, snakes, monkeys swimming in the water, rose petals flowing in the wind, clouds and any sort of botanical creations. I found myself completely inspired by the dreamy and opulent yet magical world here depicted, sketched some figures, realized how fashion and illustration are still paying their tribute to the oriental tradition and got mad when realized no book or printed reproduction was abailable for purchase. As a kid I used to read this series of book with beautifull illustrated legends and short stories from all around the world. The “Garden & Cosmos” show in a way brought me back to those childhood memories. I realized that they were still alive in me. It was sweet and sour.




Images and details via SAAM. Visit the interactive gallery for more details and full captions. The Garden & Cosmos book is available on the british Amazon for way less than the American one.


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