Spotlight: Papier by Saskia Diez


Stefan Diez was born 1971 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. He worked shortly for Richard Sapper and later on two years for Konstantin Grcic before he opened his Munich office in 2003. During last fashion week in Paris was presented Papier, the result of the collaboration with label Saskia Diez. The handbags, that look just like real design moke-ups made out of paper, are made of Tyvek®, produced by Luxemburg based manufacturer DUPONT©, a synthetic paper which is extremely light, waterproof and robust. The bags, fully recyclable like ordinary PE shopping bags, are available for purchase through the Saskia Diez e-shop for 109 Eu (115g) and 135 Eu (135g).

PAPIER36x20x41cm 115g_DET


One response to “Spotlight: Papier by Saskia Diez

  1. They look like prototypes. I wouldn’t of thought they were durable. The construction is fantastic 🙂

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