Who’s The Other You?

The Other You is an indipendent fashion related blog currently daily updated by Francesca e Marianna. We share a genuine passion for streetwear, couture, music and graphic design. We believe that living and looking cool has pretty much nothing to do with how fat your bank account is and that no one should ever be scared to play around and have fun with clothes and objects.

We have just started and we’re willing to grow.

Marianna is from a small town just outside of Rome but she has been living in Usa for almost 3 years. She currently lives in Seattle where she works as a graphic designer and here and there as freelance writer. She loves colors, textures, philosophy, science fiction, botanic drawings, books, magazines and any other printed stuff. She’s a early bird so you can always find her online, even at 5 in the morning. She just can’t help it.

Favs: Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Etro, Paul Smith

Classic fashion item you can’t miss: a MaxMara coat, a black bag, horse riding boots, a Hermes scarf, a chunky hat

Private luxury: a oversized concert t-shirt, a snake bracelet from the middle-east, a out-of-stock lipstick

Francesca is from a small land called Ciociaria (South Est of Rome). She currently lives on trains, dividing her life between Ferentino and Rome where she works as sales assistant for a Spanish brand and where she is STILL studying Industrial Design. She loves everything about fashion, photoshoots and magazines, fantasy and fairy world.

Favs: Vivienne Westwood, Oscar De La Renta, Moschino, Tom Ford

Classic fashion item you can’t miss: Petite Robe, a Jimmy Choo bag

Private luxury: a Tom Ford sunglasses, my mom silver jewellery


5 responses to “Who’s The Other You?

  1. Ciao Ciociara!!!!

  2. Ciao a te Mr. Atheist! Do I know you???

  3. No, but I am considered a CiociaroCubano. I have visited La Ciociaria many, many times…actually got married in Fontechiari! I have many friends in Sora and Arpino. Do you know these places?

  4. tell me what u think about my blog

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