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Spotlight: Mociun



Caitlin Mociun, at a young age developed an intense fear of coyotes and spent large amounts of time pretending to be an appaloosa. At the tender age of 12 she left her native California and spent the following 6 years living and traveling throughout Asia and Europe, with extended stays in both Malaysia and Prague. Though no longer pretending to be an appaloosa, she was accompanied at certain stages by various pets, including an emotionally challenged cat named Capella. At 18 she returned to the U.S. to attend the Rhode Island School of Design, where from 4 years later she graduated with a BFA in textiles. Throughout this period, her stepmother Marilyn was the esteemed protector of the Mociun family menagerie. Hearkening back to her childhood urges, Caitlin found the coyote-like corporate world frightening and is currently enjoying the appaloosian character of self-employment.

It was a rather simple notion, profound nonetheless, that the Bauhaus school sought to promote: the combination of art(s) and craft(s). Mociun adheres to this same, simple notion: expressed most visually in the Bauhaus-inspired prints she employs throughout her line. Similarly expressed is the influence of Karl Blossfeldt, whose plant photography ultimately served the interests of art and craft.

Mociun continues to explore and integrate the ever-emerging technologies and critical conceptions of sustainability; environmentally healthy production; and, as a type of de facto jouissance, the role of, and the products available to, the individual consumer in society at large. Perhaps like David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”, Mociun designs inspired by an ahistorical use of various cultural textile and pattern traditions, and constructs visually and economically attractive products, likewise inspiring consumers of a similar persuasion. Images: Spring 2009 collection | See more | Online Store

FOX IN MOCIUN/ Collaboration with Alyson Fox. Small collection of limited-edition dress, tees, totes and scarfs. Available at Mociun Store | Totokaelo Seattle |

foxpup_natual 5926_1


Spotlight: Lizzie Fortunato

Picture 5Picture 12

Lizzie Fortunato’s jewels for VPL Victoria Bartlett Spring/Summer 2009. View the entire collection at LizzieFortunato

Spotlight: Happy Lovers Town

Jonathan Calugi is a hyperactive Italian graphic designer and illustrator from Pistoia. His work is crowded with tiny creatures and cute monsters, hearts, tears, smiles and frowns that create rich patterns and a whimsical universe that is light-hearted like the childish memory of a trip to the beach. View more work

decks_cry2“My heart cryes for you” decks. 2007


A smile for Timbuctu pattern. 2008


The sea from which fairytales could not escape. 2008


Delonghi Limited Edition Artista series. 2009


“Strange World” Engrave your book leather case for Moleskine. 2009

Spotlight: Anti Sweden



Fighting the established jeans brands like Acne, cheap Monday from our neighbors in Sweden we now introduce a label based on the Norwegian cultural history on black Metal. The line is a co-lab with the San Diego based artist Justin Bartlett, famous for his occult and obsessive art. Norwegians always like to challenge their slightly larger and moderately happier neighbors, Sweden, who are renowned for their many famous denim brands (Acne, Cheap Monday, among others). Anti Sweden stands as a declaration of war! With their own truly Norwegian denim brand Anti Sweden is  taking the fight to the Swedes in the true spirit of the friendly rivalry that has long existed between the two lands.


Norwegians and Swedes are Scandinavian minimalists but at the very heart of the Anti Sweden brand is the Norwegian culture of darkness, which has also given rise to the True Norwegian Black scene. Indeed, one of Anti Sweden designers is a member of such a band. Living near the top of the world, darkness is inescapable – its everywhere. It manifests in our natures, our culture, our art and our music – its essential to who Norwegians are. Anti Sweden is yet another pure manifestation. Norway – this land of eternal midnight and of the darkest of Black Metal is our inspiration for the first line of Black Denim Jeans. Anti Sweden is Norwegian Black metal going fashion. Anti Sweden´s signature is the True Black Jeans – as black as the northern nights. Printed in the pocket-lining of the first edition line you’ll find selected illustrations from the dark imagination of gore artist Justin Bartlett who through his experience of working with Norwegian bands such as Gorgoroth.



All photos are made by NY based photographer Alex Freund. The name of the line? It’s of-course 666. View the whole collection and get more infos at ANTI SWEDEN.

Anti Sweden is a side project of the Oslo based multi-disciplinary design studio Anti Design that works with brand identity, art direction, packaging, print, illustration and interactive design.~M.

In da house



Un vero e proprio appartamento su piu’ livelli totalmente personalizzabile con due diversi accessi uno in via Alessandria 8 l’altro in Corso Colombo 9 in piena zona Navigli/Tortona, all’interno una raccolta privata di materiale iconografico che racconta la storia della moda internazionale dalla meta’ dell’800 ad oggi. La superficie complessiva degli spazi disponibili è di circa 600 metri, 350 dei quali sullo stesso livello: una grande cucina, un’area living, un’ampissima biblioteca compongono una location le cui caratteristiche peculiari risultano del tutto uniche. La possibilità inoltre di utilizzare tutta l’attività di mailing e di promozione che la struttura è in grado di offrire consente di raggiungere un’utenza mirata e segmentata in base alle necessità dell’ospite: stampa, buyer, fashion community e altre aree di operatori della moda e del design. La qualità degli spazi sono garantiti dagli ospiti continuativi che hanno ricavato all’interno della location le loro sedi permanenti, tra gli altri spiccano: Camera Italiana dei Buyer della Moda, Mood Magazine e la nuova concessionaria di pubblicità di riviste di moda internazionali: Milano Fashion Media.

More infos

I Hate RNR


French brand A.P.C printed three anti-rock’n’roll poseurs t-shirts in collaboration with the bands Koko Von Napoo, The Teenagers and House de Rackett. Get them online at for 40$


Get some fashion tips! Need a comprehensive guide to fashion etiquette? It’s the volume two of  The Artist Series Guides put together by designers Matt Cassity and Sam Spratlin. An exciting, decidedly eccentric, relentlessly well-crafted, and not without hope of being lucrative venture The Artist’s Guide series. The issue was made in 2008 in collaboration with Threadless and it comes paired with a tee for $12. The book is a twenty six artists’ interpretation of what it means to dress fancy from artists like Julia Rothman (spread in the picture) Marcus Oakley, Jordan Awan, Simon Peplow and Dan Funderburgh. Get one right here!