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Spotlight: Folha de S. Paulo

Ancora un omaggio a questi quattro grandi del mondo Hollywoodiano, questa volta in una veste inaspettata, particolare, ad eccezion fatta per i lineamenti del viso il resto del loro corpo (in pose più che popolari) è completamente costruito da Fonts.

Charlie Chaplin

Marlon Brando

Marilyn Monroe

James Dean
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Illustrative interpretations of Dolce & Gabbana’s SS12 Collection: Menswear

Oh, Poster Girl


Poster Girl is a project by influential graphic artist Jasper Goodall, that explore themes of fetish and fantasy. Whilst the work itself can be seen as erotic art, it is equally about looking at the world of fetish and erotica with an appreciative yet critical eye. It is erotic art but it is also about erotic art – the images are a result of Goodall’s musings on erotica and sexual fetish. For contacts, the entire collection and print sales information visit: Jasper Goodall

Garden & Cosmos


The exhibition “Garden & Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodphur” closed at SAAM in Seattle last April 26th. I was lucky to finally make up my mind and go see it in its last day. I was totally amazed and delighted by the highly refined taste of the whole collection of paintings flourished in the royal court of Rajasthan between 17th and 19th century. Visitors were provided with magnify lenses to enjoy all the details of these monumental naturalistic and whimsical scenes populated with peacocks, big pigeons, snakes, monkeys swimming in the water, rose petals flowing in the wind, clouds and any sort of botanical creations. I found myself completely inspired by the dreamy and opulent yet magical world here depicted, sketched some figures, realized how fashion and illustration are still paying their tribute to the oriental tradition and got mad when realized no book or printed reproduction was abailable for purchase. As a kid I used to read this series of book with beautifull illustrated legends and short stories from all around the world. The “Garden & Cosmos” show in a way brought me back to those childhood memories. I realized that they were still alive in me. It was sweet and sour.




Images and details via SAAM. Visit the interactive gallery for more details and full captions. The Garden & Cosmos book is available on the british Amazon for way less than the American one.

London dresses, Winter 1799

London dresses, Winter 1799, originally uploaded by peacay.

Spotlight: Mociun



Caitlin Mociun, at a young age developed an intense fear of coyotes and spent large amounts of time pretending to be an appaloosa. At the tender age of 12 she left her native California and spent the following 6 years living and traveling throughout Asia and Europe, with extended stays in both Malaysia and Prague. Though no longer pretending to be an appaloosa, she was accompanied at certain stages by various pets, including an emotionally challenged cat named Capella. At 18 she returned to the U.S. to attend the Rhode Island School of Design, where from 4 years later she graduated with a BFA in textiles. Throughout this period, her stepmother Marilyn was the esteemed protector of the Mociun family menagerie. Hearkening back to her childhood urges, Caitlin found the coyote-like corporate world frightening and is currently enjoying the appaloosian character of self-employment.

It was a rather simple notion, profound nonetheless, that the Bauhaus school sought to promote: the combination of art(s) and craft(s). Mociun adheres to this same, simple notion: expressed most visually in the Bauhaus-inspired prints she employs throughout her line. Similarly expressed is the influence of Karl Blossfeldt, whose plant photography ultimately served the interests of art and craft.

Mociun continues to explore and integrate the ever-emerging technologies and critical conceptions of sustainability; environmentally healthy production; and, as a type of de facto jouissance, the role of, and the products available to, the individual consumer in society at large. Perhaps like David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”, Mociun designs inspired by an ahistorical use of various cultural textile and pattern traditions, and constructs visually and economically attractive products, likewise inspiring consumers of a similar persuasion. Images: Spring 2009 collection | See more | Online Store

FOX IN MOCIUN/ Collaboration with Alyson Fox. Small collection of limited-edition dress, tees, totes and scarfs. Available at Mociun Store | Totokaelo Seattle |

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It’s a Wonderful World



Laurence King Publishing porta sugli scaffali settembrini un nuovo titolo che stuzzichera’ il palato di ogni fashionista. My wonderful world of Fashion: A Book for drawing, creating and dreaming e’ un divertente libro interattivo tutto da personalizzare e colorare per gli appassionati di moda di ogni eta’. Le illustrazioni sono frutto della mano leggera e sofisticata di Nina Chakrabarti, Indiana di nascita e Londinese di adozione. Abiti, scarpe, borse, gioielli, accessori, vintage, e consigli do it your self su come trasformare una t-shirt, realizzare un sari o trasformare un fazzoletto in una bandana.
La sezione ‘Did you know…?’ riporta note storiche e vuole incoraggiare i piu’giovani (8+) a trovare inspirazione nel passato e nella moda e nel costume di culture diverse dalla propria. Info

Paperback | 700 illustrazioni | 272 pagine | 289 x 210 mm
ISBN 978 1 85669 632 6 | £12.95
Settembre 2009