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4 responses to “Contacts

  1. Hello there,

    As creator and one of the designers of mitemite unnecessary objetcs lab,
    I am writting to you because I would like to offer you a new product which
    I think would suit your site perfectly!

    mitemite is young and fresh brand born and stablished in Barcelona
    which offers a wide range of unnecessary objects designed to make your life a little more fun and a little bit different .

    We are a small enterprise with a big success on our segment.
    We have been in THE NEW YORK TIMES recently :

    For example, have a look to these products:

    “Bag Against Crime” is a handbag for you, but just looks like your average folded newspaper for a potencial mugger.
    Check out the website to get a better idea:
    This urban camouflage is a design against crime for urban people!

    Check for more products in the website!!!

    I think it corresponds exactly to your website.
    So far we are distributing in Europe and selling online world wide.

    I also trully believe that you like to support up and coming designers like us and that you are always seeking little undiscovered jems…

    We would love you post us in your site!

    Many thanks and regards,

    anna martí
    mitemite unnecessary objects lab
    +34 671 64 79 98

  2. Thanks for the blog about Gomez-Gracia. Please be sure to check out the website for updates and coming events!

  3. love your blog…how do i sign up for
    regular up-dates?

    richard sikora

  4. hey richard, keep checking in, we’re gonna work on a newsletter anytime soon

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