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Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag

everyone loves it!!

Alexa Chung has ONLY A FEW!

the black ones…

the white ones…

…and the other colors!

photos via nymag.com

Parallel Lives: Shiny Clutches

stella_yoox reiss

Metallic hardcase clutches by: Stella McCartney at Yoox for 380$ / Reiss for 175$

Findings: Zac Posen


Zac Posen preowned dark green leather and gold details bag at designer consignment store Ina’s Ebay page. $386

Spotlight: H A L A B Y


Mercoledì 20 maggio 2009 era fissato il mio appuntamento per conoscere Monsieur Halaby (che va letto con h aspirata, grazie!) che, proprio in questa giornata, diventa ufficialmente cittadino italiano.

Entro nel piccolo punto vendita vicino al Pantheon in cui ad accogliermi c’è Luca che collabora con Gilbert.

halaby filigrana

orecchini filigrana e pelle

Gilbert Halaby, un vulcano di idee in eruzione, ha ristrutturato lui l’interno del negozio, ha curato lui l’allestimento dello stesso. Nato in Libano, dove consegue un major in Archeologia, dopo una breve permanenza a Dubai e una più lunga a Parigi, decide di stabilirsi nella capitale romana. Dove nel 2005 fonda il suo brand. Inizia con gli accessori, in particolare lo affascina la filigrana, per poi passare alle borse. La prima ideata è la Pochette Plissè, la seconda (la mia preferita) la borsa Toile, per l’ispirazione al TOILE DU JOUY che inizialmente ricopriva i muri interni del locale. Ma se entrate trovate anche decorazioni per la casa e costumi da bagno … perché in mente Halaby ha anche una linea di moda, che per ora si limita a pezzi unici, ma noi speriamo presto diventi per tutte noi.


1. Pochette Plissè; 2. Borsa Toile.

www.halaby.it | Punto Vendita: Via del Seminario, 00186 Roma

On Board

I’m gonna fly to Italy for a month next week to visit family and friends back there and enjoy some countryside and work in my dad’s orchard, get some knitting lessons from my mum and see some events around in immortal caput mundi Rome. Enjoy some pretty cool travel-related stuff and visual inspirations.

61JHCN50QNL._SL500_AA240_Picture 5


When the first commercial flights took off in the 1930s, stewardesses were registered nurses whose duties included swatting flies and helping passengers read railroad timetables in the event of forced landings. In the 1950s, stewardesses were viewed as wives-in-training, as adept at preparing a baby’s bottle as mixing a martini. By the swinging 1960s and 1970s, female flight attendants were considered successful marketing tools, sporting micro-minis, hot pants, and buttons that read “Pure, Sober, and Available” to lure male business passengers on board. Come Fly With Us! explores the unique history of this industry pioneered by women, tracing changes in the flight attendant’s role – from flying nurse to airborne sex kitten to today’s custodian of safety and service. Stunning visuals from airline archives and early flight maps, promotional brochures, and print advertisements re-create a sense of the early days and underscore the dramatic changes encountered in this dynamic industry.

FLIGHT 001, NYC | Online shop |


With 3 shops in New York City, one in Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Berkeley, Flight 001 was conceived on a Air France  flight between Paris and the big apple. Shopping for preflight merchandise has never been more exciting. Flight 001 (pronounced Flight One) has made preparing for air travel as much fun as arriving at a new destination. Bringing a retro-modern approach to store design, the specialty retailer’s sleek store layout features a glowing lighting effect, curved walls and storage bins, all of which are reminiscent of the cabin of a 747 jet airliner. Here you can find: luggages, messanger bags, travel guides, travel kits, loundry bags, aerotherapy products, cameras, confort tools and last but not least vintage meal services food carts.



The LV Flight Paname collection is inspired by the bags carried by any airplane hostess in the 70s and it was created by Marc Jacobs for the s/s 2009 runways. Exclusive, functional and retro-chic, they’re in soft leather and perfect for travelling and living the city.






Etsy has plenty to choose from when it comes to vintage luggages and travel bags. Check the selection at vintageluggage.etsy.com


Retail: Freitag

Un nuovo punto vendita Freitag apre le porte nella capitale della mitteleuropa. L’indirizzo e’ Max-Beer Strasse 3, Berlino. La cornice minimal industriale indubbiamente perfetta per uno dei brand leader del product design ecosostenibile e di tendenza.


Findings: Carmina Campus Clutch

A small clutch in brilliant shades is the result of many thin layers of aluminum, which were once used for Venetian blinds. These vividly colored strips of metal were salvaged from warehouses and sewn to overlap one another, giving shape to a lightweight bag with unfinished, lacquered borders, and a long, thin shoulder strap. The inside has been lined with charming vintage fabric, and has a pocket and leather detailing. By Carmina Campus/ Ilaria Venturini Fendi at Yoox.


Picture 11Picture 10