Spotlight: Maria Francesca Pepe

Maria Francesca is a young London based Italian designer. Her first collection Spring/Summer 2008 was presented in Paris at Rendez-Vous Femme selling to Rei Kawakubo’s Dover Street Market (London) among other selected high-end boutiques. Following Collections introduce MariaFrancescaPepe Bags and a full range of Womenswear pieces all concieved around the Jewellery-Wear Concept. Featured in a photoshoots on the latest issues of, among the others, Plastique with her tubular extra-large necklaces part of her 2008 Paradoxa collection, D la Repubblica delle Donne, i-D, Elle Uk and Self Service, Maria Francesca’s creations merge the link between ornament and wearability. The Italian handcraft tradition is fused to a contemporary and avant-garde sense of Fashion.


Art-Brut is her latest collection and her first attempt of merging experimental jewellery into clothing, bags, accessories. The jewellery pieces are turned into buttons, handles, collars. The materials? Varnished brass, black hard plexiglass, sterling silver, stones such as black hematite and ruby zircon, smooth leather, cotton, silk, viscose, jersey.


Images: MariaFrancescaPepe


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