Blood and roots

Last night’s America’s Next Top Model episode featured probably one of my favorite shoots ever, or at least one of the best mix of styling and outfit choices. The models moved to Hawaii (is that considered a foreign location?) and had to embrace and embody unexpected and unusual combos of foreign cultures that installed themselves in Hawaii carried by generations of immigrants. Far away from being historically and racially faithful, this glamorous version of what we call a mud was just great in the intentions of Tyra and the art direction team. Sadly some girls just got stuck and sank into a massive amount of clothes, head and neck pieces and the surrounding breathtaking landscape, others were able to master them being simply elegant and gracious dressed up dancers. The result is a mix of luxurious ethnic fashion photography and artistic beautifully crafted transvestitism that stands as a celebration of race-mixing and hybridity. That sometimes reads ‘high fashion’ and sometimes ‘National Geographic’.

Pictures property of CWTV


Brittany | Indian + Native American


Erin | Egyptian + Tibetian


Jennifer | Polynesian + Botswanian


Laura | Greek + Mexican


Nicole | Japanese + Malagasy


Sundai | Russian + Moroccan


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